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14 Apr 02

i’m just gonna reset my 20 hour clock before bed

dreary dreary dreary. i really hope it dries up by morning so i can blade to work, but when i drove home an hour ago i felt like i was surfing or something. i just read that it’s supposed to be 24C (~78F) here on tuesday! yum.

so, i remembered to watch ‘talking to canadians’ on cbc tonight which made me immensely happy. “congratulations canada for getting FM radio”. “congratulations canada for legalizing staplers”. canadians like to make themselves feel better by mocking americans, and i must say, it made me feel better too. the best part by far was when a whole lot of american adults were asked a question about canadian states (instead of provinces) and none of them caught it…until an 8 year old kid piped up when they were talking to his mom and said “wait a minute! canada has provinces not states!” that was so great. a close second was when a bunch of people were convinced that canada used a 20 hour clock.

hmm, as for the rest of my day, nothing really interesting to report. i’ve added a few minor things to my pages (you’ll note the new stats link, for example, and a few random pictures…i really dont have many pictures of me, i’ve found).

i’ve just realized i have to get to work extra early tomorrow. i have a meeting (regarding that trivia incident) right at 9 am, and for some reason pay sheets for my staff are due extra early in the day. thus, i’m gonna be in a big hurry tomorrow. oh well, hopefully i sleep better than last sunday night.

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