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14 Apr 02

congratulations toronto for getting electricity!

it was really dreary here today, but i didnt mind. it was still mild here so at least it feels like summer will come eventually…i was having my doubts for a while there. i love summer rain. i can’t wait for my first summer thunder storm. actually, we had a weird freaky winter thunderstorm a couple months back…i’d never seen anything like it. has anyone ever had one of those before?

last night i rented a dvd (zoolander) and it wouldnt play in my playstation 2. i’ve watched a lot of movies with it so i have no idea what was wrong…we even took it back and got another copy with no luck. anyway, we gave up and today we went back and got the video and watched it. i liked it…it had some very funny moments. i’m liking owen (and luke for that matter) wilson more and more. if you havent seen royal tenenbaums, go see it.

i just found out joel plaskett’s playing here again on thursday. yes, thursday when no one can go because of stupid exams. i’m irked.

oh, and i also bought a phone today. i’ve been in this stupid situation for approximately forever: my cordless phone’s battery isn’t the best so it runs out sometimes. i have another normal phone i got for christmas 5 or 6 years ago that works fine with the small exception that it doesnt actually dial. so, when my battery dies i have to wait for people to call me. it’s not a big deal since:
(a) most of my friends are big geeks with icq
(b) i dont usually use the phone too much anyway

i was looking through my computer for old pictures tonight and came across this really great picture of my friend nara and me. it’s not a good pic of me i guess but it’s a good one of her and made me want to go visit her. ah nostalgia. everyone moves away!

i finally saw andrew wk tonight. what a freak. i’ve read a lot about him and heard rumours about him being in some way tied to dave grohl (i think those were false), but basically he’s shit. i read an interesting review in march’s chart magazine by aaron brophy:

“this is the stupidest record ever. and i dont mean in an ironically entertaining way like rob halford, or in a so-bad-it’s-good way like moldy peaches, or in an ain’t-he-the-slow-guy funny way like wesley willis. no, this is just stupid. now, i’ve fallen for my share of pseudo novelty rock bands – gwar, dayglo abortions, white cowbell oklahoma – so i can usually dig it. but for the life of me, the only people i can see appreciating i get wet are that special breed of sub-tenacious d-lovin’ skater twits who give girls cheap gropes when they walk past them at shows, spit on homeless people who ask them for change and piss on their friends who pass out at parties. frankly, if you buy this record, you deserve brain cancer.”

i just saw that talking to americans (that rick mercer special) is going to be on cbc again on sunday night at 9. i keep missing it but i have to see it. for those of you who dont know, rick mercer’s from a show called this hour has 22 minutes (he’s since left) and he used to do a segment quite often where he’d go to random american cities and get the citizens to say bizarre things. for example “congratulations canada on making VCRs legal.” poor americans. 😉

anyway, wow, that’s a long post. sorry. tomorrow looks to be uneventful…i hope i can force myself to do some contract webpage stuff.

currently spinning: the american flag – goodnight my janitor

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    Toronto Hydro Says:

    What have you got against Toronto?

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