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12 Apr 02

my lungs are the size of grapes

ok first of all: i’m really sorry to everyone who’s tried to post a comment. i have NO idea how many people have tried to, but i just assumed no one was (’cause really, who cares enough about my site?) anyway, cindy told me today that it wasn’t working so i just fixed it (damn chmods)….so please feel free to post away and accept my humble apologies.

as for my day…

it wasn’t too bad. only two more interviews to go! we’ve pretty much figured out who we’re going to hire and i’m very pleased with our applicants. i spent quite a while trying to figure out what’s wrong with the machine that hosts my work cam (yes, that same machine i brought home earlier in the week to reinstall). turns out there’s a problem with a network jack in our office making it difficult to access the webcam from outside of the university. we’ve fixed it temporarily i think.

it was a gorgeous day here again so i rollerbladed into work after all (god i’m out of shape) and we enjoyed the sunshine pouring in our windows. i had a short doctor’s appointment early this afternoon and it was a super nice walk downtown. i ended up taking a detour on the way back and stopped at an indie record store. i picked up 2 olivia tremor control cds and a cd by neutral milk hotel (finally). i’ve only listened to one of the OTC one so far but it’s pretty cool…it reminds me a lot of sloan mixed with the apples in stereo.

soooo…i guess it was a pretty good day. i think i need a nap though. yay me!

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Date: 1883

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