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11 Apr 02

let there be light

the big move is over. steve and i are now settled into our new office and i’m liking it a lot. today was absolutely gorgeous out and, even though i was inside, i could actually SEE it for the first time in years. our windows are great…we did too much gawking at the zillions of people. if youre interested in seeing what our new digs look like, check out my workcam. unless you’re peeking in during the day though you probably won’t see a whole lot. we’re considering aiming the cam out the window sometimes too…there actually used to be a webcam called queen’s nite out that was a couple windows to the left of ours that was aimed at the lineup to a campus pub. we could do the same thing.

other than moving, the only other real event of the day was that the trivia night issue has escalated. for some reason the organizer sent an email to my department’s director explaining the issues i wrote about yesterday, and now my manager wants to have a meeting with my teammate and me. blah. oh well.

i drove to work again today because i had to bring that computer back that i was working on last night. i got TWO parking tickets…one for the normal $7, and one for $20 for parking for “too long”. i’m displeased to say the least. it’s supposed to be gorgeous again tomorrow so i’ll be rollerblading i think.

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