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10 Apr 02

team discovery channel kicks ass

good news all: team discovery channel (yes, i named us) came 2nd in the first annual trivia challenge. 2nd is ok (we got beat by a bunch of computer science grad students), and it’s great considering we beat the other two teams from where i work. as a reward, we won: 2 hotwheels-esque cards, a bouncy ball with a giraffe cryogenically frozen inside, a mini-basketball, a hand-held battery powered fan, a mug, various candies, and probably some other stuff i forgot. not too bad. our original team names were: trivia chumps (mine), team reach for the top (robin’s…oddly enough 3 out of our 7 team members were on reach for the top in highschool…an ultra geeky trivia thing for you non-ontarians). team discovery channel finally one out in the end. i had considered calling us “triviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” this afternoon but gave up on that.

after trivia ended robin and i decided to go watch lord of the rings at the campus movie theatre. i’d seen it before but he hadn’t. it wasnt publicized very well so i was shocked to see that the lecture theatre was completely full…we got the last 2 seats together. i think the place held about 300 people and unfortunately there was no ventilation, so by about 15 mins in the temperature was at least 35C (over 90F). keep in mind that i’d had a couple of strongbows and was tired anyway so i was struggling to stay awake at the beginning…then the guy behind me started to snore loudly (really uncool). combine that with the guy a couple seats down from him who would loudly explain things in another language to his wife, and it wasnt the best overall atmosphere. after the intermission, however, they realized opening the doors would prevent people from dying so the 2nd half was better.

anyway, it was a good night so that sorta counteracted the crappiness of my day. yay for balance in the universe. and with that, i shall depart.

currently spinning: duotang – are we still aligned?

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