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10 Apr 02

team discovery channel: bad apples?

yeah, it’s official: this week isn’t what i would term “good”. i got an unfortunate email this morning complaining about the conduct of my trivia team last night…i was totally shocked to hear that because my team consisted of the most laid back people in the world, with one exception. one of my team members didn’t get the nachos she ordered and apparently caused a lot of fuss at the pub…so much so that there was talk of not allowing anyone from ITS to come back there in the future. i’m irked because it reflects badly on my staff and me. anyway, i’m going to try to smooth things over…but it was upsetting.

it’s interesting too: someone at work today pointed out that i often seem to find myself in a reconciliatory role. i’d never considered this before and i think she’s right. i don’t know exactly what that says about my personality, but it’s something i’ve been thinking about.

i spent a bunch of my afternoon packing up my office getting ready for tomorrow’s big move. i’m not a big fan of packing, but i’m an even less big fan of unpacking (especially when there are 2 of us doing the packing rather haphazardly). it didnt take nearly as long as i expected for some reason, and there were lots of distractions in there as well (a meeting in the middle, having to set up a couple computers for “special needs exams”, etc.), but it’s now mostly done. the move begins at 8:30am so i hope to be into the new office *with window* before noon. [aside: i’ve had a few offices since i’ve started work at queen’s and this is the first time my office is on the ground floor or above. i’m tired of basements!]

let’s see…oh yeah, i also wrecked my office’s linux server. in actuality i sorta broke it a week and a half ago when i was updating packages using the automatic updater and unintentionally attempted to update the kernel. if youre a geek, you know that’s bad news. i knew right away i was screwed so i didnt reboot the machine, knowing it wouldnt come back up, but today i had no choice but to shut it down. i brought it home tonight and after playing around for a while i think i’m up and running again. i’ll have to try it on the network at work tomorrow before i’m really sure. it’s important because it’s the machine my staff uses to submit their time sheets (and pay sheets are due on friday so time is of the essence).

anyway, that’s really it for my day/night (although i did leave out the thrilling experience of getting my oil changed). fantastic!

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