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09 Apr 02

honk if you love injustice

work has definitely been a bit…um…awkward today. first of all, i’m still tired from yesterday (maybe more so) so that’s not really helping matters much…and i have 6 interviews again today. that’s fine. the problem lies in the fact that my officemate was told today that his rate of pay will not be matching that of his colleagues after he assumes his new job. for those of you who don’t know, we’re doing a minor internal restructure that involves a few shifts in responsibilities (including me). we’re developing a 2nd level support team involving 6 people; 4 of them will do the exact same job, and 2 of us will have a few extra responsibilities. unfortunately we discovered today that 3 of the 4 people will be making $5000/year more than the 4th (my officemate). he’s going to quit, i’m sure.

anyway, i’m going to an on-campus pub for a trivia contest tonight…my department is challenging the computer department, and i’ve entered a team consisting mostly of my staff. i have no idea how well we’ll do but hey, there’s beer there. it’s supposed to go from 5:30-8:30, so i hope i can stay awake that long.

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