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07 Apr 02

death to death to smoochy

i just got back from seeing death to smoochy and i must say, that’s one terrible movie. there arent a lot of movies that cause me to hold my head in my hands, look away from the screen and feel really strongly about leaving the theatre, but this one did. in fact, sarah claims it is worse than crossroads (or whatever that britney movie is called)…i can’t verify this myself but it really was awful. ed norton made a lot of money to look shocked and have his mouth drop open. robin williams got paid a lot of money to swear a lot and fall down in every scene he was in. anyway, there really are too many things wrong with the movie to list them all. briefly: the characters had no substance or motivation, there are bizarre shifts in the plot where characters “switch sides” really abruptly, the laughable jokes are few and far between, characters just vanish for most of the movie, etc. etc. one line i LOVED though was from ed norton, describing his pacifism: “when i was a kid and my brothers and i played cowboys and indians, i always played the chinese railroad worker.” hehe. the only flaw with this was his reference to being in anger management later, but i digress.

anyway, that’s my night. i’m outta stories.

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