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06 Apr 02

semantics, shemantics

i’m noting a trend with my entries this week. not exactly superoptimistic at the moment.

my day started off poorly when my manager emailed me first thing to chastise me for semantics in an email i sent to my staff. it was such a minor point, and there are so many other major things going on at work these days that getting an email like that got my day off to a rocky start. that email was followed closely by another email telling me that a lab i look after is double booked for next year, by no fault of my own, and for some reason i’m the one who has to track everyone down to fix it.

anyway, we did 8 more interviews today, most of which turned out pretty well (i was REALLY impressed with a couple people, so that’s good). the only downside is that they’re scheduled every hour, and they only last a half hour…thus i have a half hour between each interview…it’s awful hard to be productive a half hour at a time.

onto cheerier tidings: tonight was a lot of fun. a bunch of my helpdesk staff came to an on-campus pub with me to celebrate the end of term by letting me (and other senior staff) buy them pitchers. i got there at 4 and we left around 8:30 or so…it was a bit messy at the end (like the guy who decided he was too lazy to climb over the couch so he just tipped it backwards so he could roll off) and all in all a good time. and neutral milk hotel came on the sound system! how cool is that? ok, yeah, i’m probably the only one who cares.

i also got to witness a parade of drunken engineers celebrating the last day of classes. the highlight was the exceptionally drunk guy dressed as a corona bottle who apparently kept falling down (and being tackled). oh those crazy engineers.

currently spinning: neutral milk hotel – the king of carrot flowers pts two & three

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