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06 Apr 02

horseshoes are as american as banjos

whee! i just got home from the library (not the campus one…the public one). i found the best books! the first one i picked up was the official national horseshoe association publication from 1971. it featured photos of the horseshoe hall of fame, complete listings of winners of state horseshoe championships going back to 1909. sounds enthralling, but it really was hilarious…the preface claimed that they were trying hard to make horseshoes a sport because “horseshoes are as american as banjos”. the second book was from 1981: programming for your PET. (if you forget what PETs are, they’re computers from the early 80s made by commodore…true relics). finally, i learned from a guide to pop music that according to the guiness book of world records that the most popular all-girl group of all time is bananarama. who knew?

hehe, the librarian also told me i wasnt allowed to have fun…it’s a library! i told her that fun is the f-word.

the other excitement of the morning was finally buying some beulah cds…i couldnt find any neutral milk hotel or olivia tremor control. alas. i also finally found rushmore on dvd…for $69.99! pass.

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