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05 Apr 02

okaaaaaaay daaaaaaavy

hehe, has anyone seen that new davy and goliath mountain dew commercial? i’ve seen it twice now and i’ve laughed out loud both times…it’s even better than that commercial for juicy fruit or whatever where the two snowboarders smash the accoustic guitar in the ski lodge. davy and tommy are fighting over a can of mountain dew when the dad teaches them a lesson by drinking it on them. too funny. i just wish goliath had said “okaaaay daaaavy”. (if you have no idea what i’m talking about, i pity you…saturday morning religious stop-action animation is where it’s at! check out the unofficial davy and goliath page).

anyway, something cool DID happen today but i forgot to mention it earlier during my annoyedness. when i was walking through the library on the way to an interview i ran ito a girl i did my undergrad with. she was a geography major and i didnt really know her until i got to teachers’ college. she’s pretty cool, and the last time she was on campus (in november) i happened to be walking down union street at the same time she was…interesting coincidence. it’s also neat ’cause she hated teaching as much as i did (well, parts of it) and has gone back to school. i’m glad i’m not alone in my non-teaching-ness.

other fun news: edgefest sounds like it’s not gonna suck ass this year, so i think i may actually go. the downside: nickelback AND default are both on the main stage (with some other crap). the upside: cake, the dears, danny michel, goldfinger, melissa auf de maur, robin black, the weekend and others are there. yay for canada day.

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