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04 Apr 02

i was overwhelmed, and i’m sure of that one

i’m currently feeling a bit overwhelmed. we did 4 interviews today (they are a maximum of a half hour in length but inexplicably they were scheduled every hour, thus completely wrecking my day…and tomorrow…and most of next week) and they went pretty well i thought. the reason i’m overwhelmed is because i found out today that i’m moving offices next tuesday (if you’ve seen my office you’ll know why this is an enormous task…we have SO much crap), and at my meeting with my manager yesterday i was told that i have to begin a pilot project to look at a couple pieces of software very soon, while also planning equipment purchases. it feels like there’s SO much going on right now, and i guess that’s ’cause there is.

let’s see, i’m sure there’s a bright side to all of this. maybe i’ll think of it later tonight.

currently spinning: and you will know us by the trail of the dead – aged dolls

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