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03 Apr 02

brain… cells… failing

in order to fully understand my day, i will begin with a story:

at 2:05 this afternoon i got a phone call from a professor in a panic: “when you installed my software in the training room yesterday you didn’t install the french keyboard to go with it! oh, and the exam begins at 2:30.” yeah. the worst part is that i wouldn’t have even known about yesterday’s software install except that i was looking at the room reservation webpage for another reason all together when i came across “FRENCH, APRIL 3”. i did some checking and sure enough, they needed software so i installed it. no one mentioned they needed the other stuff installed. so i ran over and did the installing as the students trickled in, ready to write their pressure there. i finished right at 2:30, and ran off to a meeting with a manager that lasted until 4:15. as a result, the few brain cells that were functioning at lunch have now thrown in the towel.

other than that…

i got to interview robin (my clone) today for a helpdesk job for next year. that amused me quite a bit. it was the most abbreviated interview of all time that basically began with “i think i’ve told all the details of how the job is changing, right?” (meanwhile, at the other interviews, i’ve gone through a 5 minute spiel describing the changes). he also provided me with some death cab for cutie and …trail of the dead music (finally), so my thirst for new music has been quenched for another little while.

oh. and i got my 5th parking ticket in the last 2 weeks today. i guess it’s time to stop driving to work. dammit.

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