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02 Apr 02

dumb work + no mittens = blah rob

things are getting interesting at work again. since i’ve started here a lot of people have been dissatisfied for a wide variety of reasons, and that’s understandable. but today (well, since yesterday i guess), for some reason, there seem to be more disgruntled/upset/fed up people than normal. one of the good people is leaving in june for alberta, another was told by a manager today that her job will be changing dramatically (as was decided without consulting her while she was on holidays), and my officemate was told his “skill set” might prohibit him from getting paid as much as others who will be doing the exact same job as him. yikes.

as for me, i’m still displeased with a lot of things, but i’ve liked the progress we’ve been making as a subteam deciding how we’ll support IT on the campus. the only downsides have really been when we’ve been overridden from above.

anyway, today’s been a bit of a downer for that reason.

oh. and it’s snowing. snowing! it was gorgeous this morning and i was wishing i had rollerbladed to work, and when i was outside 1/2 hour ago it was cold and snowing big flakes. something’s not quite right there.

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