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02 Apr 02

$650CDN = enough to make it to new jersey

well, it’s official: i can buy and sell each one of you.
i have just now submitted my taxes online and will soon be receiving a cheque for a whopping $650. yes, you read me right. start lining up now for your cut. (keep in mind that i’m a canajun and, as a result, that $650 refund translates into roughly $12.50 american, so don’t get your hopes up, yanks). what will i be doing with my new fortune? i have no idea yet. it’ll be going in the bank, then hopefully it will help fund a trip to somewhere. yes, somewhere. stop asking so many questions, zippy.

i had this moment at work today where i felt like i was being pulled in every possible direction. i was trying to prepare for a job interview (printing out the question sheet, reading over some information) and my phone rang. the conversation was a really long and involved one about booking rooms on campus so i was doing my best to concentrate on it while realizing i only had 5 minutes until the interview. at that point i got an icq message from someone asking me about a virus and how to get rid of it, and someone else came into my office asking me another kind of question…i forget what exactly. now that i’m done typing that out, i’m realizing what a terrible story that was. i guess that’s demonstrative of how uneventful and boring my day was, unless you include me breaking my friend cindy’s computer at work today (sorry cindy).

oh! one more fun story that i forgot to post yesterday. when i was in toronto on saturday i went to a store called urban outfitters (if you’ve never been, go…it’s right across from the eaton centre in toronto) and found a super cool toy that just screamed “buy me!” it was a jesus action figure with “gliding action”! i had to get it for robin, especially since it was easter weekend. anyway, i gave it to him tonight and he seemed as impressed as i was…sacri-licious!

ohhhh! geez, more stories are coming to me now. my hamster’s picking up speed i guess. when i got to work today, i made my normal trip to tim horton’s (in the rain) and walked by the entrance to the on-campus pub that’s located beneath the university centre. the difference today? the stairwell going down to the pub was filled with cement. i thought that was a terrific april fool’s joke. the other good one i didnt get a super good look at but i saw from a distance was the campus clock tower. there was a big sign on it that said “OH NO NINJAS!” and 4 dummies in ninja suits scaling the wall…classic.

so, unfortunately, to wrap this up: nothing on this page is a lie, fib, josh, joke or gag. i’m just not nearly clever enough to do something like that, so tough. adieu, adieu, to yeu and yeu and yeu.

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