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31 Mar 02

i’ll arm wrestle you for the job

whew, i’m back!
i had a good weekend and i’m feeling completely drained now (most of which is attributable to the fact that i was in the car from about 10:30am – 4:30pm). friday night got a bit messy (although i’ve been told i was on the funny side of the funny <-> obnoxious continuum, thank god), and i really enjoyed the play i went to friday night. the play was called zadie’s shoes and it was about a compulsive gambler who bet away his wife’s treatment money (she has cancer). the play was quite good, but the theatre was incredible…it was at the winter gardens in toronto, and it’s on the 7th floor of this old theatre building (built in the early 20th century). it used to be this vaudeville theatre, and apparently was boarded up in the late 1920s only to be rediscovered and restored in the 1980s. anyway, the reason it’s cool is that when you walk in the first thing you see are tree boughs hanging from the ceiling…you truly feel like you’re walking into a garden. the ceiling is a dome and it and the walls are hand-painted with a really cool landscape. the skies are blue, but when the lights go out the glow-in-the-dark stars appear. anyway, i was totally enraptured by the setting…and the fact that the play was good as well was a nice bonus.

the only other really significant event of the day was that i visited my grandma today for the first time in a while and brought her flowers for her birthday, which is tomorrow…yes, she’s an april fool, and that helps me to remember her birthday. [(un)interesting aside: my other grandma was born on groundhog day. i, on the other hand, was born on october 21, and have yet to meet a single person in person who shares my birthday. my clone, robin, has his birthday on the 23rd so that’s close i guess.] oh, and i bought a by divine right cd and the new hayden cd (both of which are long overdue) while i was in toronto. beulah was $26.99. gah. i’m just gonna have to bite the bullet one of these days i guess.

back to resume talk…i think i’m going insane reading through them. i made an initial pass through (there appear to be about 70 of them, after a recount) in an attempt to cut things down to a workable number but i ended up with a new stack of 40. since we’re only hoping to interview 30 for our sanity, and there are 2 of us doing this, i want to cut that down to about 20. it’s taking me forever.

my favourite resume story of the night was actually NOT a typo, but something i misread. someone has under “extra-curriculars” something called “Prefect Body”. i, of course, read that as “Perfect Body” and was considering interviewing them just to see if they were a body builder. alas, as usual, i was wrong. too bad, ’cause i just couldnt wait to tell them “you’re not hired unless you show me your guns!” then we could have arm wrestled and, being the huge massive male specimen i am, i would’ve kicked his ass. yes, i know i’m a delusional liar. and with that, i’m going back to the resumes. whee.

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