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29 Mar 02

“i’m not only good with computers, i can also deliver a devestating suplex if required”

well, i’ve finally completed the move of my blog over to this new site…i figured that it’d be best to remove it from my work machine, and it took me all week to get a new linux box to the point of actually being functional. the problems have mainly stemmed from old flakey cd-rom drives (for any interested geeks) but also because i neglected to install all of the development tools that come with mandrake linux, thus preventing movable type from working properly. but that’s enough of that.

the excitement of my life at the moment is that it’s hiring time again at work, so i now have a stack of 60 or so resumes to sort through. we do all of our hiring for the fall/winter term help desk students right now, and there’s a tiny window in which to conduct 20-25 interviews (i.e. my next two weeks will be hell). but, reading resumes and cover letters, especially from computer science and engineering students can be kind of fun. some examples of why:

  • from a cover letter: “through this serving, I’ve been learning communication intrinsically with people”. wha?
  • from another equally fun cover letter: “My resume outlines my five years experience as a Computer Department Administer”
  • the guy who has “wrestling team” under “relavent experience” on his resume

please note: if these are from your job applications, i apologize. sort of. but only for publicizing your errors, not for laughing.

and on that mocking note, i’ll now depart for the weekend, off to fabulous downtown toronto until sunday. hope everyone’s weekend is fabulous.

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