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27 Mar 02

leave her alone, she’s only 13

geek interlude:
i’ve been trying for two nights now to set up a new home for my fantastic little website (a crappy little antiquated server) and it’s been slow going. i’ve been working on installing linux on it which is challenging at the best of times, and i’ve run into all sorts of problems. i had it up and running by the end of last night and i’ve spent my time since then trying to be able to gain remote access to it (so i can stick it in a closet) and all the stuff i’ve done on other machines in the past just aren’t working. anyway, that’s my little boring geeky rant for the night.

classic joke of the night:
q: what do you call a fish with no eyes?
a: fsh

finally, check out this short film. it’ll take 8 minutes out of your life but trust me, it’s fantastic. and i don’t mean that in a sarcastic way like i normally do when i say “fantastic”.

currently spinning: beta band – squares

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Date: 1883

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