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26 Mar 02

a new new jersey jersey

random thought of the early morning:
you know what sucks about my name? (besides the fact that everyone for some reason assumes that my last name is spelled paige…have you ever met anyone with the last name paige? me either.) people can’t search for me on the web. think about it: it wouldnt even be so bad if my name was rob smith or rob jones…but rob PAGE. go ahead, google me. nary a link to me in the lot, as i write this. every moron named rob with a web presence has of course called their page the “rob page”. just to distinguish myself i’ll have to call mine the rob page page.

which reminds me of a story i like to tell about my step-brother. a few christmases ago he came over to our house to visit, bragging loudly about his brand new patrick roy colorado avalanche jersey that he got for christmas. i shrugged and said “too bad it’s not a devils jersey, then you could go around all day saying ‘look at my new new jersey jersey’!” unfortunately, the joke was lost on him because his reply was “but patrick roy’s the best goalie in the …blahblahblah”. (oh yeah: he was in his mid-30s at the time, for context. i’m so proud.)

and with that thought, i’m off to bed, after checking out the page that makes me most proud,

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    Rob Page of Says:

    Hmmmmmmmm, interesting site ya got there ROB PAGE 🙂

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