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23 Mar 02

the hazards of sitting beneath palm trees

what an odd mixed up day.

things started badly when i woke up to find my room about 20 degrees colder than when i went to sleep. i was having enough difficulty waking up as it was, and the coldness repelled me from leaving the comfort of my duvet. fine. when i finally did manage to drag myself out of bed, i got to work about 5 minutes later than normal only to find that there were no parking spots available where i normally park (i.e. i was faced with a guaranteed ticket today). fine.

work itself was completely uneventful. [aside: for those of you unaware, i’m a bit disheartened by work at the moment. i feel as though the people above me are falsely giving me (and others) the feeling of empowerment, thus making me work hard and try to make things better…only to have the project remolded into the higher ups’ idea of how things should be. i know i’m not alone in feeling this way and it’s definitely hurting morale, which is low enough as it is with all of the budget cut talk.] and now back to live action… i felt completely braindead while at work as tends to happen when i’m in robot mode and all i could think about was going home asap. i had a meeting early afternoon with a very interesting woman who seemed to have almost no attention span and wouldn’t let me finish my sentences, which made it difficult to answer her questions, and it totally wore me out.

when i got home i immediately fell asleep for an hour (i’m developing a bad late afternoon napping habit) and ended up having an incredible takeout dinner from a great greek place. combine that with watching a tape of due south and other non-taxing activities and it was a really good evening.

a new friend of mine also offered me an interesting piece of advice earlier tonight: that i should find a beautiful tree in the cold tomorrow and climb up to the middle and think about how i should do it more often. i think that’s a very interesting piece of advice.

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