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31 Mar 02

i’ll arm wrestle you for the job

whew, i’m back!
i had a good weekend and i’m feeling completely drained now (most of which is attributable to the fact that i was in the car from about 10:30am – 4:30pm). friday night got a bit messy (although i’ve been told i was on the funny side of the funny <-> obnoxious continuum, thank god), and i really enjoyed the play i went to friday night. the play was called zadie’s shoes and it was about a compulsive gambler who bet away his wife’s treatment money (she has cancer). the play was quite good, but the theatre was incredible…it was at the winter gardens in toronto, and it’s on the 7th floor of this old theatre building (built in the early 20th century). it used to be this vaudeville theatre, and apparently was boarded up in the late 1920s only to be rediscovered and restored in the 1980s. anyway, the reason it’s cool is that when you walk in the first thing you see are tree boughs hanging from the ceiling…you truly feel like you’re walking into a garden. the ceiling is a dome and it and the walls are hand-painted with a really cool landscape. the skies are blue, but when the lights go out the glow-in-the-dark stars appear. anyway, i was totally enraptured by the setting…and the fact that the play was good as well was a nice bonus.

the only other really significant event of the day was that i visited my grandma today for the first time in a while and brought her flowers for her birthday, which is tomorrow…yes, she’s an april fool, and that helps me to remember her birthday. [(un)interesting aside: my other grandma was born on groundhog day. i, on the other hand, was born on october 21, and have yet to meet a single person in person who shares my birthday. my clone, robin, has his birthday on the 23rd so that’s close i guess.] oh, and i bought a by divine right cd and the new hayden cd (both of which are long overdue) while i was in toronto. beulah was $26.99. gah. i’m just gonna have to bite the bullet one of these days i guess.

back to resume talk…i think i’m going insane reading through them. i made an initial pass through (there appear to be about 70 of them, after a recount) in an attempt to cut things down to a workable number but i ended up with a new stack of 40. since we’re only hoping to interview 30 for our sanity, and there are 2 of us doing this, i want to cut that down to about 20. it’s taking me forever.

my favourite resume story of the night was actually NOT a typo, but something i misread. someone has under “extra-curriculars” something called “Prefect Body”. i, of course, read that as “Perfect Body” and was considering interviewing them just to see if they were a body builder. alas, as usual, i was wrong. too bad, ’cause i just couldnt wait to tell them “you’re not hired unless you show me your guns!” then we could have arm wrestled and, being the huge massive male specimen i am, i would’ve kicked his ass. yes, i know i’m a delusional liar. and with that, i’m going back to the resumes. whee.

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29 Mar 02

“i’m not only good with computers, i can also deliver a devestating suplex if required”

well, i’ve finally completed the move of my blog over to this new site…i figured that it’d be best to remove it from my work machine, and it took me all week to get a new linux box to the point of actually being functional. the problems have mainly stemmed from old flakey cd-rom drives (for any interested geeks) but also because i neglected to install all of the development tools that come with mandrake linux, thus preventing movable type from working properly. but that’s enough of that.

the excitement of my life at the moment is that it’s hiring time again at work, so i now have a stack of 60 or so resumes to sort through. we do all of our hiring for the fall/winter term help desk students right now, and there’s a tiny window in which to conduct 20-25 interviews (i.e. my next two weeks will be hell). but, reading resumes and cover letters, especially from computer science and engineering students can be kind of fun. some examples of why:

  • from a cover letter: “through this serving, I’ve been learning communication intrinsically with people”. wha?
  • from another equally fun cover letter: “My resume outlines my five years experience as a Computer Department Administer”
  • the guy who has “wrestling team” under “relavent experience” on his resume

please note: if these are from your job applications, i apologize. sort of. but only for publicizing your errors, not for laughing.

and on that mocking note, i’ll now depart for the weekend, off to fabulous downtown toronto until sunday. hope everyone’s weekend is fabulous.

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27 Mar 02

leave her alone, she’s only 13

geek interlude:
i’ve been trying for two nights now to set up a new home for my fantastic little website (a crappy little antiquated server) and it’s been slow going. i’ve been working on installing linux on it which is challenging at the best of times, and i’ve run into all sorts of problems. i had it up and running by the end of last night and i’ve spent my time since then trying to be able to gain remote access to it (so i can stick it in a closet) and all the stuff i’ve done on other machines in the past just aren’t working. anyway, that’s my little boring geeky rant for the night.

classic joke of the night:
q: what do you call a fish with no eyes?
a: fsh

finally, check out this short film. it’ll take 8 minutes out of your life but trust me, it’s fantastic. and i don’t mean that in a sarcastic way like i normally do when i say “fantastic”.

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26 Mar 02

a new new jersey jersey

random thought of the early morning:
you know what sucks about my name? (besides the fact that everyone for some reason assumes that my last name is spelled paige…have you ever met anyone with the last name paige? me either.) people can’t search for me on the web. think about it: it wouldnt even be so bad if my name was rob smith or rob jones…but rob PAGE. go ahead, google me. nary a link to me in the lot, as i write this. every moron named rob with a web presence has of course called their page the “rob page”. just to distinguish myself i’ll have to call mine the rob page page.

which reminds me of a story i like to tell about my step-brother. a few christmases ago he came over to our house to visit, bragging loudly about his brand new patrick roy colorado avalanche jersey that he got for christmas. i shrugged and said “too bad it’s not a devils jersey, then you could go around all day saying ‘look at my new new jersey jersey’!” unfortunately, the joke was lost on him because his reply was “but patrick roy’s the best goalie in the …blahblahblah”. (oh yeah: he was in his mid-30s at the time, for context. i’m so proud.)

and with that thought, i’m off to bed, after checking out the page that makes me most proud,

23 Mar 02

the hazards of sitting beneath palm trees

what an odd mixed up day.

things started badly when i woke up to find my room about 20 degrees colder than when i went to sleep. i was having enough difficulty waking up as it was, and the coldness repelled me from leaving the comfort of my duvet. fine. when i finally did manage to drag myself out of bed, i got to work about 5 minutes later than normal only to find that there were no parking spots available where i normally park (i.e. i was faced with a guaranteed ticket today). fine.

work itself was completely uneventful. [aside: for those of you unaware, i’m a bit disheartened by work at the moment. i feel as though the people above me are falsely giving me (and others) the feeling of empowerment, thus making me work hard and try to make things better…only to have the project remolded into the higher ups’ idea of how things should be. i know i’m not alone in feeling this way and it’s definitely hurting morale, which is low enough as it is with all of the budget cut talk.] and now back to live action… i felt completely braindead while at work as tends to happen when i’m in robot mode and all i could think about was going home asap. i had a meeting early afternoon with a very interesting woman who seemed to have almost no attention span and wouldn’t let me finish my sentences, which made it difficult to answer her questions, and it totally wore me out.

when i got home i immediately fell asleep for an hour (i’m developing a bad late afternoon napping habit) and ended up having an incredible takeout dinner from a great greek place. combine that with watching a tape of due south and other non-taxing activities and it was a really good evening.

a new friend of mine also offered me an interesting piece of advice earlier tonight: that i should find a beautiful tree in the cold tomorrow and climb up to the middle and think about how i should do it more often. i think that’s a very interesting piece of advice.

21 Mar 02

ob ses sion

i don’t know about you, but i find that i get obsessed with things easily. i don’t mean people – don’t get me wrong here…but, for example, if i find a new band i like, i obsess over them and talk about them to everyone around me knowing full well that i’m the only one who could care less. it’s funny, for a guy without many interests, i like the things i like a lot.

so anyway, i now have a page that looks like something, which makes me happy. i installed movable type last week just to see what it looked like and i played around a bit, but discovered i knew nothing about stylesheets whatsoever. so, i spent a couple hours learning how they work today and slapped together what you see here. of course, what i didnt learn until i got home was that stylesheets don’t work very well unless you’re using IE6 or netscape 6, so i had to change some stuff around…but alas. i’m still working on it but it’s respectable…i think.

21 Mar 02

layout test

i’m just adding
another entry
to let me test the layout of this page

the margins are screwy and it’s confusing to
my peanut-sized

21 Mar 02


hey look
i have a blog

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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