My Nineteen True Loves
(MeFi CD Swap '04/S1)

I'd like to apologize if you were expecting a CD of sappy love songs, 'cause that's really not what this CD is all about. It's essentially a snapshot of the last few years of my life in reverse chronological order, illustrating a selection of the songs that I've had on perpetual repeat over that time. Listening to the CD gives me a good nostalgic feeling for the many road trips and fun times I've had over the last couple years, and I hope you enjoy it too.

-Rob, May/04 (remove the obvious stuff to email me)

Track listing - [Download zip file]
Sekiden - S-T-A-Y
Sekiden are pure happy/bouncy/fun pop from Australia. They're a 3 piece - guitar+keys+drums - and this song will forever be etched in my mind from their live show in March/04, complete with members of the Salteens in the crowd in front of us providing the requisite fist pumps and sing alongs. [Download]

Joel Plaskett Emergency - Work Out Fine
My favourite show of the last year was a show Joel put on last November. He played an incredible mix of old and new, and threw in some songs from his Thrush Hermit days as well as a wide range of covers. His latest album was one of my favourites of the year, and this track is a stand out for me. [Download]

Sondre Lerche - Two Way Monologue
I'd never even heard of Sondre until a couple weeks ago, and then he suddenly became inescapable with sold out shows in Toronto, appearances on Conan, etc. This song has been stuck on repeat in my car and on Winamp ever since. Apparently he's Norwegian, but my Sondre Lerche trivia is limited beyond that. [Download]

Jason Collett - Tiny Ocean of Tears
Jason Collett played a packed live show here back in January. He was billed as a member of Broken Social Scene, which brought out all the hipsters, and his show didn't disappoint (although it proved to be far from a BSS show). Tiny Ocean of Tears is a gem, and is indelibly linked in my mind with a winter road trip to Ottawa to skate on the canal. [Download]

Young and Sexy - One False Move
You know how sometimes when you make a mix CD for yourself you end up continuously playing one song in particular over and over? Even if it wasn't your favourite track on the CD when you burned it? Yeah, well, this song by a twee band from Vancouver is an example of that. It's like two songs in one - you'll have to listen to know what i mean. [Download]

TV on the Radio - The Wrong Way
I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about TV on the Radio beyond what I've read on Pitchfork and in other hipster publications. They're a solid art rock band, and this is the song that I kept repeating over and over when I had their CD in my car last month. You can't beat a saxophone. [Download]

Broken Social Scene - Cause=Time
BSS are one of my favouritest bands, and I don't think I've listened to any song more in the last year. You've no doubt heard the deserved praise heaped upon them by indie rock boys and girls, and if you haven't, they're a collective from Toronto who have 10-15 members...and they're brilliant. [Download]

Clearlake - Can't Feel a Thing
Ah, another gem that I give Pitchfork the credit for discovering. They're forever linked in my brain with picking Sofi up from the bus station after having been away for a couple months. [Download]

The Thrills - Don't Steal Our Sun
Anne raved about how great the Thrills were until I paid attention and gave them a listen - and she was right. They're a contemporary Irish band and they sing songs about California that sound like they were written in the 60s. Don't try to figure it out, just enjoy. Oh, and they were played on the OC once - but don't hold it against them. [Download]

Songs: Ohia - Captain Badass
I wish Songs: Ohia songs weren't all so samey, 'cause this one is brilliant. I'll never forget loaning Sofi a CD with this song on it while she was DJing at a bar, only to have someone come up and ask who it was immediately. My moment in the sun - DJing by proxy. [Download]

The Decemberists - Los Angeles, I'm Yours
The Decemberists released two amazing CDs last year, and this is the first single from the second of the two. I'll admit to not being blown away by it immediately, but it proved to be a grower, not a shower. [Download]

Josh Rouse - Love Vibration
My sister got me the latest Josh Rouse CD for Christmas, and I listened to it for the first time in my car on Boxing Day, and it didn't leave my car stereo for the next couple weeks. Love Vibration reminds me of driving to Peterborough with Jo see my brothers play their last hockey game of the year. [Download]

Marshmallow Coast - Blow My Mind
Oh, that organ. This song by an Elephant 6-affiliated band reminds me of that same time as Clearlake. That was a pretty fun mix CD. [Download]

Apples in Stereo - The Bird That You Can't See
This is the song that introduced me to these indie gods, also from E6, back in around 2001. After hearing it, I ended up buying seven Apples CDs over the next couple months, and it still remains my favourite after all this time. [Download]

Beulah - Gravity's Bringing Us Down
One final E6 band - I don't think I listened to any song more in 2002 than this one. I discovered them through the now-defunct Audiogalaxy ("if you like the Salteens you may also like Beulah" - how right they were!) and I still love them. Mmmm, pure pop goodness, with a solid minute of ba-ba's to open the song. [Download]

New Pornographers - Mass Romantic
I spent an absurd amount of time listening to the New Pornographers' debut CD back in 2001. They're a so-called super group from Vancouver, and I think this CD was again a Christmas gift from my sister. I never did get tired of this, the title track. [Download]

The Salteens - Nice Day
I can't imagine a happier or nicer band. Nice Day is the song that best represents the summer of 2002 for me, sitting on the curb in downtown Toronto, waiting for a streetcar with Kristina while singing the Salteens over and over to the chagrine of those around us. [Download]

The Dears - End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story
I've seen The Dears live more than any other band over the last 3 years, deservedly so. They blew me away so much the first couple times I saw them that I've made roadtrips to Toronto and Ottawa to catch their live show. This song, released a few years ago, remains my favourite of theirs to this day. [Download]

John Critchley - Astronomer
John Critchley's the former frontman of a somewhat popular Canadian band from the mid-90s called 13 Engines. I vividly remember calling into Ryan j. Noth's radio show in 2001 and requesting it - he described it best, as a perfect soundtrack for staring up at the stars. [Download]